What Do Our Families Say?

“We chose Tracy Adventist school after touring every private school in Tracy. Before finding the school, we thought we found the perfect school for ED. We knew she'd thrive in a small class size where she could work ahead in her areas of strength and have more time in areas that were harder. We went to the class meet and greet the Thursday before school started and left in tears. The class size had doubled, and we just knew it wouldn't work. Our dear friends and neighbors saw me upset and crying and told us that he had been the principal of the Adventist school and only had positive things to say.

As soon as we walked in the school, ED looked at me and said, "This is my school. I belong here. It's warm and cozy here."

She was right. She belonged there and we found a community of parents and teachers who have become not just friends, but extended family. We continue to choose the school because it's more than a school, it's a family.”

~RD and JD – Parents of a Grade K-4 Student


“It’s amazing to see in proof how blessed we all are to have a school especially staff like ours to make time and be blessed with the talent that God gave them to teach our children each day about God, numbers, letters and more. Hearing JG sing the songs she’s taught in school, and all the stories from the Bible, excites me! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of how are you’ve come JG! Can’t wait to see what today, tomorrow, and every day after till you become the doctor you want to be had in store for you.”

~JG – Parent of Grade K-4 Student


“When we decided to put our children in the Tracy Adventist School, it was a blessing for us. My kids love being part of the family in the Adventist School. They enjoy every minute of school. As a parent, I am thankful for everything the teachers do. We are happy, blessed, and thankful for everything. Thank you, Mrs. Ahn and Mr. Huffman! Thank you, Adventist school family!

~DG – Parent of Grades K-4 and 6-8 Students


“My husband and I chose this school four years ago and continue to choose this school for our daughter AF because it is a Christian school. We have noticed her faith is growing. We love that it is a smaller school where she can get the attention/help of her teachers.”

~MF – Parent of a Grade 6-8 Student



“My husband and I chose this school for our daughter AGN for many reasons. One of them is that I love that Mrs. Ahn teaches the students about God and the Bible. That is something important to us especially nowadays. Another reason is my sister VG has attended this school since first grade. She is now in 4th grade. Mrs. Ahn is a great teacher and an amazing person. It is cute to see and hear the kids and my daughter say how much they love her. I am also happy and thankful to be at the school as After Care Director.”

~KN – Parent of a Grade K-4 Student


We made the decision to put our children in the Tracy Adventist School partly based on my upbringing in the church and church schools. My experience in the Adventist school was great. We love the small school atmosphere and the care and closeness the teachers and staff have with our children and communication with us as parents. Going to work every day knowing our children are in a caring, loving, setting makes it an easy choice for us. Most importantly we value the Christian education they will receive and how it helps them to grow in Christ which they will take with them throughout life. It is a blessing to have this little school with such wonderful teachers and staff support watching over and helping educate our children.” 

~BS and RS – Parents of Grade K-4 Students


When we moved to Tracy in 2004, we knew we would want to be part of the Tracy Adventist Church and Tracy Adventist School. What we didn’t realize at the time is how the Church and School would become an extension of our family. When SB started Kindergarten in 2012, we were enveloped in a sea of kind, caring teachers, of involved school board members and a school family that grew with each year as new faces of students and families, both immediate and extended, joined. We have laughed and cried together, celebrating babies and mourning loses, been supported by so many families when we went through personal life-changing events and strived to also be that support for others in need. In 2014, KB began her journey at Tracy Adventist School, learning quickly from Mrs. Ahn and Mr. Beierle. We love the smaller class sizes, and the multi-grade classrooms that has the older kids helping and watching out for the younger kids and learning just by being in the same room. While there have been changes along the way, we have grown to love our school more each year. Every visit feels like coming home.  

~ AB & RB – Parents of a Grade 6-8 Student and pervious graduate    


“RR and I decided to have KR attend Tracy Adventist School after she participated in VBS. We met Mrs. Ahn during VBS and thought she was very kind. We found out that the school was a Christian school and we’re happy that KR gets to learn more about God. Once KR was old enough to start Kindergarten, we enrolled her. KR loves her school and all her classmates, as do we. Her little brother MR can’t wait to turn 5 so he can attend this school also.  It’s a great feeling, knowing how cared about KR is, especially when we are around town without her and run into her friends and they all ask about her. We know she’s right where she needs to be.”
~ RR & NR – Parents of K-4 Student


“We are so thankful to be part of Tracy SDA school family. When school feels like family you realize just how much there is to gain from a community of parents, caregivers, and educators who are all in pursuit of the same goals for the education of our children. We are especially drawn to the faith-based experience offered at Tracy SDA. Not only are our children learning biblical principles, but they are learning by example, the importance of developing a good character; emotional intelligence, respect, integrity, and grit. I’m pleased to know the values and morals I am teaching my children at home are consistently being reinforced at school by the gentle-loving guidance from the teachers, principal, and staff at Tracy SDA. We are blessed to be part of such a loving extended family! I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the principal and staff for going the extra mile to protect our students, families, and community. I know there are a lot of behind-the-scenes measures taken that cannot be easy in keeping our school healthy and safe during the pandemic (it’s a lot of work on a home-level alone), yet every day we are greeted with sincere smiles, positive attitudes, and what appears to be “effortless” measures to welcome our students onto a safe campus. This confidence allows me the peace of mind I need as a parent to trust that my child is in good hands day after day. Thank you, Tracy SDA. May God continue to strengthen our school and staff.”

~SC & AA - Parents of Grade 6-8 Student


“BS’s Abuela, LC, introduced us to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Once we started attending, we met families that had been attending Tracy Adventist School. We heard amazing things about the school in general, as well as the teachers. The main reason I kept BS in this school was because of how close she has gotten to the teachers and the students. She has created an amazing relationship with Mrs. Ahn and has learned to trust her as well. As a parent, I love the small classroom setting. It gives BS more one-on-one time with her teachers if she ever needs any extra help with her work. We have also created many great relationships with all the other families. I can’t wait for BS’s brother, LS to attend here next year for kindergarten.”  ~JS – Parent of a K-4 Student


“When I think about the school….I remember my years there.  I attended the school in the early to mid-eighties…back in the olden days.  Now as a parent it is important for our daughters to have the best education possible in a small-school setting.  I realize that they will go to a larger high school and college someday…but I really wanted them to have the chance to go to a great school….to be taught by their mother…and to experience that small classroom feel.  I want them to create memories that will last for a lifetime.  I know that it’s possible because it happened to me.  Even today…in 2022, when one of my best friends JH (Mr. Huffman’s oldest son) and I talk on the phone…more often than not we will reference things that happened to us back in grade school here at the Tracy Adventist School! I am so happy that our girls get to experience the same campus and classroom that I once sat in.  I have no doubt that they are neater and more organized than I was.  I also know that they have a teacher who means business…and won’t let them off easy….which is what I want.  Our girls love the school with all their hearts…and that shows me that we for sure made the best decision possible.”  ~MA – Parent of Grade K-4 Students

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